Hosted PBX

Why choose ӲƵAPP for your Hosted PBX solution?

Hosted PBX service provides a broad range of local and hosted voice features and service options that are designed to help your business communicate reliably without a large capital investment or the worry of maintenance fees.

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Low up-front cost and set monthly expenses

Pay for only what you need; the system is designed to adjust to your business needs

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Allows you to focus on your business - not your phone system

Let us handle the management of your phone system

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End-to-end secure and reliable solution
Superior disaster recovery compared to premise based systems

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Multiple device integrations with our downloadable apps
Manage calls anywhere you have an internet connection

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Flexible infrastructure that grows as you grow
Seamless in-network feature upgrades

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Easy management and administration from any browser
Tailor calling features to individuals or groups

With Hosted PBX, you’ll get powerful features such as auto attendant, unified messaging, and find-me follow-me. Best of all, the low-up front and monthly cost won’t break the bank.

With Hosted PBX you can take advantage of over 50 features and multiple phone models. A full featured web portal allows you to customize how your employees work. It’s truly the last phone system you’ll ever need.

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