Posted on August 26, 2019

We've all heard it, and we all know it - technology is changing at a rapid rate. If you stop and think about the past five years, you can likely think of at least five things that you are doing differently because of technology and broadband. Maybe you're monitoring your front door with an Internet-enabled doorbell, asking Alexa what the weather is like today, or maybe you're starting your washing machine from an app on your phone. While technology and broadband are changing our everyday personal lives, it is also has the ability to change our everyday professional lives.

With a Fiber Internet connection, local businesses are able to connect to a network that has higher bandwidth that can transmit data over longer distances. Businesses in rural America can operate their company with the same broadband advantages of those in larger cities.

We recently partnered with NorthWind Technical Services in Sabetha to learn more about their business and how having a Fiber Internet connection helps their company. Customer success stories like this solidifies our mission of enhancing our rural communities with exceptional broadband service. Watch the video below to learn more!