Posted on May 13, 2016

ӲƵAPP has learned from concerned customers that an individual is going door-to-door representing himself as being affiliated or partnering with ӲƵAPP, and this is not the case. Our field technicians and customer sales team can be easily identified through logoed attire and vehicles, and they do not use strong-arm sales tactics.

Everyone has a choice in service, and it is important that community members receive dependable information to make their decisions.  Please know that ӲƵAPP is committed to our communities.  ӲƵAPP continues to invest in the digital TV system and broadband network for our customers.  Also, we are committed to providing the very latest Fiber broadband technology for our business communities, connecting several of our anchor institutions including local schools, hospitals, government, and libraries.  ӲƵAPP is proud of its long history of community support and its employees for their volunteerism.  Please call if you hear anything that may run counter to our message.