Posted on January 18, 2016

It’s an exciting time in farm technology!  Using your smartphone or other mobile device, you can remotely handle many aspects of farm management.  These smart solutions enable you to increase efficiency, enhance security, and protect assets. 

However, to take advantage of this technology you need fast Internet connections in and around your farm buildings including your bins, dryers, and shops.  That where ӲƵAPP can help.

Using your existing Fiber Internet as the base, we can build a single Wi-Fi network that connects all areas of your operation – even across distance.  This will make it possible for all the Internet-enabled devices on your farmland to work off of one network.

Great Ways to Use Your Existing Fiber Internet:

  1. Provide Internet access to multiple farm buildings spread out across a distance. You only pay for one Internet connection but have Internet access at multiple sites.
  2. Set up a 360 degree Wi-Fi system around the farm so you can access the Internet on your device or through technology enhanced farm equipment.
  3. Install a high powered Wi-Fi system inside buildings. Metal buildings typically receive little to no Internet connection, but ӲƵAPP can enable an Internet connection inside the building for faster Internet access.
  4. Set up Internet-based video surveillance for enhanced security.
  5. Gain access to livestock feed and grain management as well as bin and fuel/fertilizer tank monitoring.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to call for your free on-site assessment.  We’ll discuss your goals and concerns, take a look at your buildings and the distance between locations and recommend the right Wi-Fi equipment and layout for you.

Make a SMART move. Call 800-892-0163 for your FREE on-site assessment.